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3 Activities to Enjoy at Falls Lake in the Triangle

September 17, 2017

Now that Fall is beginning to settle in the Triangle, residents may think activities on Falls Lake are coming to an end. Luckily, this is not the case! Even as the winds cool down, the lake has much to offer our local explorers.Fall in Raleigh North Carolina Nature and water lovers can take in the beautiful sights while boating, camping, or hiking the trails. Our knowledgeable staff at Motor Boatin’ can help shed some light on the best activities to partake in as the temperature cools in Raleigh.

3 things to do around Falls Lake this season as the air cools and the bustle of summer slows down are:

  • Enjoy the Foliage. North Carolina is known for having excellent displays of fall colors in the western mountain areas, but the Triangle proudly boasts its own array of foliage to please the eyes. Take the time to simply sit on the edge of the lake and enjoy the surroundings! Peak periods for the most vibrant colors in the Piedmont are due late October to early November this year, so there’s still time to plan!
  • Go Camping. There are plenty of camping sites around Falls Lake that will also offer beautiful views of the leaves. As the sun sets, light a warm fire and toast some marshmallows while listening to the crickets and frogs. It will be a night to make memories!
  • Take the Boat Out. We’re lucky to not have frigid winters in the Raleigh area, so even as the air cools taking the boat out for a few more laps around the lake won’t be unbearable. Consider renting a pontoon boat to enjoy a great afternoon with friends and family, perhaps with a football game on the radio.
Fall is a wonderful time of year, and Triangle residents have many options to choose from and enjoy the best it has to offer. Contact us today at Motor Boatin’ to inquire about boat rentals or hot spots to visit in Falls Lake this season!