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3 Best Ways to Celebrate Graduating in the Raleigh Area

May 30, 2017

For parents, we are approaching the best time of the year: summer break. But, right before summer break comes graduation season in Raleigh!Graduation party in North Carolina Graduation and graduation parties are right around the corner for the Raleigh area. But, what is the best way to celebrate? At Motor Boatin’, we are never short of great ways to celebrate big life events! And we have helped quite a few Raleigh families celebrate a variety of life events.

3 of the best ways to celebrate graduating from high school or graduating from college are:

  1. Plan a Weekend Getaway: A weekend getaway is a great way to remember the event and make some great memories! Whether it is with family or friends, a getaway is great. Falls Lake in Raleigh offers premium camping and allows for great daytime activities such as boat rental and jet ski rental.
  2. Get Active: Plan a day full of hiking, swimming or jet ski riding in Raleigh! Falls Lake is a great place to get out, get active, and celebrate a big accomplishment.
  3. A Day at the Park: A day at the park with friends or family as well as a party at the park is a great way to celebrate graduating. Falls Lake has great campgrounds that allow for most parties and great party activities such as a ride on a boat or fishing.
Graduating from high school or college is such a special time. It is something that should be celebrated and remembered. If you are interested in getting out, trying a new adventure or throwing a camping weekend with friends, contact Motor Boatin’ today. We are located off of Falls Lake but can bring our boats and jet skis to any of the local lakes in Raleigh. Our team has knowledge of the entire Triangle area and would love to help plan a great, memorable weekend.