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3 Important Ways to Prepare Boats for Winter

January 22, 2017

The saying goes: “The two days of being a boat owner is the day the boat is purchase and the day the boat is sold.” This is true because there is a lot of maintenance that goes into owning a boat in the Triangle area.Rent a Boat in North Carolina That is why many Raleigh citizens will choose to rent boats at Falls Lake with Motor Boatin. But, Motor Boatin’ is still hard at work during the winter. Just because the temperatures can be cooler doesn’t mean it is great weather for boating.

3 ways that Motor Boatin’ prepares their Raleigh boats for winter is:

  1. Boat Covers. In the winter, all of our boats stay covered to prevent any extra wear and tear from snow or ice damage. As we experience La Nina in the Southeast this year, we aren’t having as much winter weather as expected.
  2. Engine Maintenance. Motor Boatin’ takes time during the winter to review all of our boats that are available for Falls Lake boat rentals. We make sure there are no major service needed as well as make our routine changes.
  3. Repair and Protect the Hull. The hull of the boat is the part that sees the most damage from boat ramps, rocky banks, and shallow waters. While working through our maintenance on the engine, we also repair the cracks and scratches in the hull.
Noticed that it is an unseasonably warm winter in North Carolina? That means it is a great time to rent a boat. Boat rentals are a great Valentine’s Day celebration or weekend getaway. Does Valentine’s Day on a boat on Falls Lake sound perfect? Give our staff at Motor Boatin’ a call to hear suggestions for Valentine’s Day and how to enjoy Falls Lake, no matter what the temperature may be.