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3 Tips for Fishing in the Triangle During the Winter

January 30, 2018

Anglers of the Triangle love to cast their reels during the Winter months for a few reasons. Since the weather is colder, the lakes and fishing spots are not as crowded with boaters and others enjoying water activities. Cold weather also is primetime for freshwater species to group up together, meaning there are more fish to catch!Winter Fishing Tips in North Carolina However, our local anglers will need to do some research and preparation to catch a largemouth bass in Falls Lake this Winter.

3 of the best tips for catching fish in the Triangle during colder weather are:

  • Pick the right time. The fish will be most active in the time leading up to a cold front and less active after one. This has to do with the barometric pressure, it’s low before a front and high after one, which will create higher winds and make fishing a bit difficult. Plan the fishing trip around the weather to best optimize your chances of a catch. It’s also good to go between 10 am and 4 pm, so there’s plenty of daylight to see.
  • Find a good spot. Those who are daring enough to go fishing in the Winter likely already have their favorite spots in mind and know where to go. Those who haven’t ventured out in the cold yet will need some help on finding the right spots. We recommend Falls Lake for excellent fishing, and can check their fishing forecast on their website to see feeding times and check-ins from other locals and their experience!
  • Bring the right equipment and bait. Fishing in the cold is a lot different than fishing in the heat. Make sure the equipment will be able to handle the extra strain due to weather. Consider cleaning and lubricating reels so they work properly, and use line conditioner to help prevent twists, backlashes, and tangles. Try to use live bait since it will naturally react to the cold water and interest the surrounding fish. Flashy lures that move too quickly will turn fish away since they aren’t behaving naturally.
The fish are still biting even when it’s cold! If you’re interested in renting a fishing boat and learning more about the hot spots in the area, contact us at Motor Boatin’ today!