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Best Fall Fishing Gear

November 7, 2022

It is fall fishing season, are you prepared? Fall is the perfect season to fish with cooler temperatures. Because of this, you will need some good gear to catch some fish and some gear to keep you warm and dry with the unpredictable weather of fall. In order to keep reeling in the bites, let’s look at fall seasonal gear you should have. 

3 Fall Fishing Gear Items You Should Have For Your Next Motor Boatin’ Fishin Trip: 

  1. Rain Coat and Bibs: Rain gear is important to have to keep you warm and dry while on the water. Rapala offers a great rain jacket and bibs for an affordable price that is crafted to provide all-day comfort during stormy weather. You can find it here:  
  1. First Aid Kit:  Some Fisherman's skills might not be as sharp if you haven’t fished since last spring. This can cause injuries which is why you should always have a first aid kit at hand to be able to band-aid a scratch-up or any other injury that happens on the water. MyPak is a good first aid kit and has everything you could possibly need, you can find it here:  
  1. Jerk Bait: This bait is a great lure to lure in the bass and are most effective in doing so as well! The Berkley Stunna Jerk Bait should be a must-have in your fishing kit,  fooling even the most discerning bass with its flash and roll. You can find it here: 

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