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How to enjoy our home lake (Kerr Lake)

How to enjoy our home lake (Kerr Lake)

May 14, 2024

How to enjoy our home lake (Kerr Lake)

Kerr Lake is approximately 50,000 acres, stretching all the way into Virginia. This gorgeous lake is known for its scenery, expanse of water, and tree line shore. This lake offers something for everyone. This could range from a family camping trip, to a beautiful day cruising around the water. It is the perfect place where one can come to cool off from summer's scorching sun. 

In this blog written by Motor Boatin’, we will discuss the best ways that one can utilize and enjoy Kerr Lake. 


How to enjoy our home lake (Kerr Lake):

Boating: With 850 miles of shoreline, the expansive lake extends from North Carolina all the way into Virginia. This allows for many to go cruising on the deep blue waters. At Motor Boatin’, we are located close to Kerr lake. Because of this, our rentals are easy to access and will allow one to have a great adventure while being close to pick up and drop off.
Swimming: Looking to cool off due to the extreme heat that summer brings on? Kerr Lake is one of the best places to go swimming. With an expansive shoreline, there are many places that allow for dipping in the water. Whether you are with family or friends, all can enjoy the refreshing water.
Fishing: Kerr Lake is renowned for excellent fishing success. Bass and catfish are amongst the most popular of fish that can be found here. Visitors can also expect to catch white perch and crappie as well.  
Camping: Kerr lake state recreation area has 7 state parks that are local to Henderson, with the closest being Satterwhite Point park and the furthest being Henderson Point. Between these seven parks are hundreds of campsites for visitors to enjoy, including sites for tents, RVs, and group camping.

Kerr Lake offers 850 miles of shoreline, expanding all the way into Virginia. Because of this, the lake offers a variety of adventures that families and friends can indulge in. These activities range from fishing and camping to boating and swimming. Are you looking to book your next boat rental? At Motor Boatin’, our process to rent is simple and easy with only 5 steps.