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How to Enjoy Fall at Falls Lake

October 4, 2016

Many Raleigh water enthusiasts believe that once the weather begins to cool down, the Raleigh boating season is over. But, this is the farthest thing from the truth! As a North Carolina business, Motor Boatin has noticed that many individuals who live in the in North Carolina believe that boat rental season ends after Labor Day, but there are many warm weeks all the way through December that make a day on Falls Lake a great place to be in the Fall. 4 of the best activities to enjoy on Falls Lake in the fall or cooler seasons are:
  1. Boat Rentals in Raleigh. Fall is the best time to enjoy a peaceful day renting a boat at Falls Lake. In the Summer, there are quite a few more rentals than in the Fall which means there are more individuals on the Lake. For a quiet, peaceful day on the water, Fall and the cooler months are the best time of the year for boat rentals.
  2. Special Occasions. Celebrating a special anniversary or popping the question soon? There is nothing more romantic than doing it on a boat. Any time of year is great for celebrating special occasions on the water.
  3. As the weather cools down and less people are out on Falls Lake, there is a great opportunity for fishing. Many Falls Lake boat renters have more success fishing in the Fall than in the Spring or Summer months.
  4. In the summer, the shady spots around Falls Lake come and go very quickly. This can make it difficult to enjoy a picnic around the lake. Fall is a much cooler time which makes picnicking much more enjoyable.
If this sounds perfect, then it is time to contact Motor Boatin for more information on our Fall and Winter boat and jet ski rental options.