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How to Plan at Day at the Raleigh Lake

June 13, 2017

Many Raleigh citizens plan to spend a day during the summer at Jordan Lake or Falls Lake. However, many people are overwhelmed by how to plan out the day at Falls Lake? Typically, this process can be overwhelming and leads Raleigh lake goers to skip a day at the lake.Falls Lake in North Carolina As the boat rental experts at Falls Lake, the Motor Boatin’ team at can help guide through the planning process.

4 things to plan out for a day at Falls Lake before heading out are:

  1. The Group Coming to the Lake: It is rare that someone comes to Falls Lake alone. So, who will you spend the day at Lake with? Depending on the size of the group helps determine the best activities and hours to spend at the lake.
  2. Determine the Schedule: Certain people enjoy a whole day at the lake. But, some only enjoy part of a day. Determine what is best for everyone coming to the lake and set a schedule. Consider that it is typically cooler during in the morning, but there are great sunset views in the afternoon.
  3. Lake Day Activities: Rent a jet ski or rent a boat? Maybe fishing on Falls Lake is the best way to spend the day? Remember, it doesn’t have to be only one activity. You could rent a jet ski in the morning then rent a fishing boat to enjoy an afternoon fishing on the lake.
  4. Make a Checklist: Now that the whole day is planned out, make a checklist of everything needed for a day at Falls Lake. The first thing at the top of the checklist should be sunscreen followed by water and swimsuits.
Does this help navigate planning out the next day at Falls Lake or Jordan Lake? Maybe there are a few more questions such as what do you need for renting a fishing boat? Contact Motor Boatin’ at Falls Lake today and get all of those questions answered.