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Is It Too Hot to Rent a Boat in Raleigh?

July 26, 2016

The summer heat wave has hit the Raleigh area! Temperatures are soaring into the upper 90s and it feels like we have crossed into the triple digits. Summer is the best time to enjoy boat rentals and jet ski rentals on Falls Lake, but with temperatures so high, it might feel like a bad idea.Depositphotos_6009429_m-2015 Motor Boatin, the exclusive boat rental company at Falls Lake, has seen many customers rent a boat who have the same concerns. There are so many ways to keep them temperatures down and enjoy Falls Lake this summer. Even though it can feel very hot, Motor Boatin’s team has found the three best ways to stay cool on Falls Lake this summer are:
  • Rent a Pontoon Boat. All of the pontoon boats at Motor Boatin are covered to include shade and keep all boat renters cool when out on Falls Lake. It is surprising, but shade can bring the temperature down about 10 degrees.
  • Swim at Falls Lake. Take a break from the boat and go for a swim to cool down at Falls Lake. There is a beautiful, clean dedicated area to swim in at Falls Lake that stays cool during the summer.
  • Jet Ski. Renting jet skis can be a great solution to beat the heat at Falls Lake this summer. The speeds get high enough on jet skis that allow rider to cool off and escape the summer heat.
There are so many more ways to stay cool out on Falls Lake, such as drinking lots of water and bringing handheld fans. The summer sun can be rough in North Carolina, but remember, it only lasts for a couple of weeks. If you are ready to rent a boat at Falls Lake, contact Motor Boatin for more information and tips today.