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Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers: The Best Boats for Each

September 22, 2016

Renting a boat is a fantastic way to enjoy time on the water. For those that are unfamiliar with boating, you may not know that boats are designed for the body of water that they’ll occupy. This includes exterior hardware design as well as other attributes like boat speed or size.Rent a Boat in North Carolina The experts at Motor Boatin offers key differences in relation to boating and jet skiing in different bodies of water, specifically oceans, lakes, and rivers:
  • Two types of currents keep the ocean water in motion: surface currents and deep water currents. Most local boaters taking on the sea will stay relatively close to the shore, so surface currents, which are caused by wind patterns and the effects of the earth’s rotation, will be the focus here. Surface currents and waves make ocean boating great fun for those who don’t mind a bumpy ride at times. Jet skiing on the ocean is especially great since the waves can enhance the ride.
  • Fresh water and little to no current at the defining features of a lake. They can be big or small, and share commonality with both oceans and rivers. Due to a lacking current as found in the ocean, most lakes are quiet and peaceful, offering a great retreat for anglers on fishing boats, or a party of friends and family on a pontoon boat. Jet skis can be used on lakes just fine, however it’s best to be considerate of others enjoying activities so as to not disturb them.
  • They have long been used for traveling and transporting goods from town to town, so many rivers are set up like roadways complete with fuel stations and dockside attractions. Many boaters may prefer a river, since they’re shallow and warm up easily making them ideal for activities like waterskiing. A word of caution: since rivers are shallow it’s important to remain mindful of boat size before heading out, and possible features that would make it hard to sail, like dams or waterfalls.
There are plenty of ways to enjoy boating on open water, no matter if you find yourself near a river, lake, or ocean. Contact us today at Motor Boatin, serving the Falls Lake area, for more information about local options.