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Safety Tips for Boaters in the Fall and Winter

December 4, 2016

Just because the summer winds have left the Triangle area doesn’t mean that it’s time to retire water activities. Boating can be just as enjoyable in the fall and winter months! With the cooler weather, the beaming rays of sunshine are less intense, there’s beautiful scenery with the fall foliage, and there are considerably less people to contend with on the water.Raleigh Boat Rental in North Carolina At Motor Boatin’, we love to encourage people to get out and enjoy activities at Falls Lake regardless of what season it is. However, it is important to realize that a change in weather means a change in safety protocols before heading out to enjoy the water. A few key points for safety to consider when boating in the fall and winter months are:
  • Dress Appropriately. This should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people fail to dress appropriately when they’re out on the water in the fall and winter months. The falling temperatures affect the air, and higher winds can cause choppy water. The risk here is falling overboard into frigid waters, so be cautious and dress appropriately to keep warm!
  • Remember There’s Less Daylight. The days get shorter when the seasons change. This can affect the temperatures and the amount of time to enjoy boating before it’s too dark. Make sure to keep track of the day while you’re out on the water and allow plenty of time to return to the dock before it’s too dark to navigate effectively.
  • Check the Boat. Those who are renting a boat from us here at Motor Boatin’ can rest assured that we will ensure all parts are working properly before you head out. However, boat owners should remember to check pumps, engines, and communication systems to verify that the vessel is safe and the effects of the temperatures won’t be detrimental to its operation.
Before getting cozy and staying indoors for the holidays, consider squeezing in a few more adventures out on the water! Give us a call at Motor Boatin’ to see your boat rental options.