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The Top 3 Lakes You Can Find Motor Boatin’ Boats on the Lake.

July 28, 2019

Motor Boatin’ allows their boat renters to travel with the boats they rent. Taking boats to other locations can provide a nice change from Falls Lake. Different lakes provide the opportunity to do different things. Where one lake might lack another might succeed.Lake Norman Boat Rental The only catch with bringing a boat to another location is the delivery fee and that the boat must be back on time. There is a $200 fee for delivery to another lake if a renter delivers boat themselves there is no delivery fee, but rental insurance is added.

The top three lakes to travel to in North Carolina are:

  • Lake Norman: This is the largest man-made freshwater lake in North Carolina. There are multiple boat access points and amazing fishing it makes for a great time. The amount of fish and birds that live on the fifty-five-year-old lake is astounding. New sightings are registered every year. Make sure to look at the water’s edge to see if there is anything cool! There are very nice beaches as well.
  • Jordan lake: Being located just south or Raleigh and Durham they have a very easily accessible site. Having 13,940 acres allows a lot of different activities to be done. There are over 1,000 campsites, including RV hook ups and tent camping. Fishing is also allowed at Jordan lake and there are 17 miles of hiking trails along with easily accessible clean beaches and islands!
  • Lake James: Lake James is an amazing place to go. Here they allow Jet skis, camping on shore, and fishing. Lake James is better known for a few other things including many blockbuster films like Last of The Mohicans and The Hunt for Red October.
Check out these amazing lakes. Don’t forget there are many others in North Carolina. And remember Motor Boatin’ is always here for your boating needs! Check us out today!