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Winter boating activities

January 22, 2024

Many may be under the impression that one cannot gracefully sail across the water on a boat during the winter season. Many believe this common misconception because the weather is cold and the wind chill is brutal. Though, this may be the case, it should not steer you away from partaking in boating activities. At times the winter can be the best time to be on a boat due to all of the exotic boating activities that take place during the cold months. 

Winter boating activities can range from holiday boating parades to boater education courses. In this blog written by Motor Boatin’ we will discuss the top boating activities that you and your family and friends can indulge in during the winter season.

Top winter boating activities:

  • Lighted boat parades: One of the best ways to spend the winter season out on the water is by partaking in a lighted boat parade. Parades are hosted every year typically between the times of Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can expect to see an array of multi-colored lights gliding across the water. This event is fun for family and friends. 
  • Boater education: Winter is a fantastic time for all to get involved in boaters education. Whether you choose to learn from a state approved boaters course or another course of your liking, freshening up on your boaters education during the winter season is a great time to learn before summer comes. 
  • Leaf sight seeing: Prior to the dead winter season, you can expect to see an array of multi-colored leaves falling from trees. This is a perfect time to take a boat out and look at all of the beauty that nature has to offer during the colder months. 
  • Boat Shows: Attending a boat show is a fantastic activity that all can participate in during the winter season. Boating shows are the perfect place where kids and adults can check out new boats, used boats, boating equipment, tubes, and much more. 

Many believe that they cannot set sail during the colder months. However, this is most certainly not the case. There is a wide variety of boating activities that family members and friends can partake in during the cold, winter months. Are you looking to rent a boat and partake in these fun activities like leaf sight seeing or viewing a boat parade while out on the water? What are you waiting for? Book your nest rental at Motor Boatin’ today.